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Member Benefits
Membership in Sheboygan Jaycees has its privileges! Besides receiving the opportunity to impact your community, your annual membership fee entitles you to local, statewide, and national benefits:

external image distinguishedmemberswhiteonblue4x4.jpgSHEBOYGAN AREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE - The Sheboygan County Chamber is a Member-based Organization serving the business community within the county. As borrowed from the Chamber website, "The Chamber is often seen as the “key organization” that is influential in moving the business community together. It unites their voice, helps them network and grow their business and provides supportive programs and initiatives that assist businesses and reminds them they are part of the broader business community. The Sheboygan County Chamber of Commerce is just such a progressive entity working for the good and enhancement of its member companies. The Chamber is the adhesive that binds the business community and in doing so brings great value and value-added benefits to its members." As Sheboygan Jaycees and with our membership in the Chamber, all Jaycees have the opportunity to attend Business After Hours - an excellent monthly networking gathering of the members of the Chamber. Each month, a different Chamber member site acts as the host. Bring your personal business cards along and be ready to make connections. View the calendar of events and other benefits here: www.sheboygan.org

United States Jaycees member benefits: View Flyerwww.jci.cc/local/info/usa/otherinfo#