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History of the Jaycees Organization
The Jaycees is an international organization of young professionals and entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 and 40. The purpose of the Jaycees is to “promote and foster the growth and development of young persons’ civic organizations in the US, and to provide them an opportunity for personal development and achievement.” The Jaycees are active in more than 8,000 chapters in 123 nations and territories. All members of all chapters in Wisconsin are part of JCI Wisconsin, the JCI USA, and Junior Chamber International.

Established in 1915 to provide opportunities for young men to develop personal and leadership skills through service to others, the Jaycees later expanded to include women, reflecting the growing influence and leadership of women in America. For many years, Jaycees have been a force for good in America and around the world. Jaycees helped establish AirMail services in America with Jaycee Charles Lindbergh, and have raised millions of dollars for causes such as the Muscular Dystrophy Association and the March of Dimes. We have built parks, playgrounds, hospitals, ball fields, and housing for the elderly while conducting service and support programs in thousands of communities nationwide. Check out a more detailed history of our national milestones here.

Jaycees can be found in all walks of life: governmental leaders such as past Presidents Bill Clinton and Gerald Ford, business tycoons such as Domino's Pizza mogul Tom Monaghan, registered nurse and former Miss America Kaye Lani Rae Rafko-Wilson, sports heroes like basketball great Larry Bird. Just name the field and Jaycees can be found at the forefront. With the focus of the nation on volunteerism, from the smallest towns to the largest cities, the Jaycees are enlarging areas of opportunity for young people.

About Our Chapter
The Sheboygan Jaycees, or Sheboygan Junior Chamber of Commerce as it was then called, was formed on September 9, 1924. The Sheboygan Junior Chamber was the second to be formed in Wisconsin, having been extended by the Milwaukee Junior Chamber. Click HERE to see our 50th anniversary booklet and learn more about our history.

Today the chapter continues to thrive and consists of about 50 very energetic, dedicated, and fun-loving people. We meet once a month on the first Thursday at 7:00pm. Please check our calendar for meeting location as it varies depending on the month. Chapter meetings are open to the public and we would love to have you join us!

The Jaycee Chapters are organized in the following manner: president, secretary, treasurer, state director, and four areas, which promote the total Jaycee concept of developing people in every aspect, so they can be strong, positive community leaders. Each area has one vice-president and two directors. The four areas include the following:

INDIVIDUAL DEVELOPMENT: Skill levels of members are increased so they are better prepared to give service to the community, providing increased professionalism when members are visible in the community. In the Sheboygan Chapter, we offer ID courses, which might include CPR & First Aid certification, financial information, estate planning, dining club, snow tubing, public speaking, wine tasting, communication skills, and relaxation techniques.

COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT: The projects completed in this area serve as workshops for members to develop the skills they have learned. Better skills mean better service to the community as well as increased influence in the community. The Sheboygan chapter has a multitude of projects in this area: bowling for Big Brothers Big Sisters, Lunch with Bunny, Easter and Turkey Food Baskets, Street Clean-Up, Relay for Life, Scholarships, Punt, Pass & Kick, Bell-ringing for the Salvation Army, and much more.

MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT: Through projects completed in this area members learn to plan, organize, staff, direct, and control chapter activities. The projects in this area also tend to be the ones that bring money into the Chapter, which in turn is given back to the community. In the Sheboygan Chapter these events include Brat Days, the Dominion of Terror, Tourney of Taverns, and smaller projects like brat frys.

MEMBERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: In this area the Chapter strives to bring in new members to help foster the Jaycee Concept and increase our involvement in the community. After all, without members we would not be able to complete any of the projects in the three other areas. Every member in the Chapter counts, no matter how much time they can give to projects throughout the year. This area also publishes our monthly newsletter "Between the Buns."

2018 Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board - Tom Badtke
President - Eric Leuck
Treasurer - Jenna Van Der Sande
Secretary - Kari Bohlman
State, Regional, National (SRN) - Mychal Seger

Vice President - Travis Klingbeil
Director - Izzy Hmircik
Director - (vacant)

Vice President - Kara Johnson
Director - Jessica Wehmeyer
Director - (vacant)

Vice President - Kyle Aguirre
Director - Kris Pluskat
Director - (vacant)

Vice President - James Schuessler
Director - Cassie Von Gompel
Director - (vacant)

Past Presidents
2017 - Tom Badtke
2016 - Nick Schmitz
2015 - Jenna Van Der Sande
2014 - Sarah Schwefel
2013 - Brian Gensch
2012 - Steve Beine
2011 - Jake Sonntag
2010 - Mitch Wallner
2009 - Jackie Quasius
2008 - John Cinealis
2007 - Tim Harrison
2006 - Cheryl Margenau
2005 - Allison Thompson
2004 - Claudia Krepsky
2003 - Steve Jacobson
2002 - Bob Konrad
2001 - Terri Wallner
2000 - Chris Mehalopoulos Conway